11:13, July 4 2016

By Dryce

Dryce was born from joint-venture between Marotta Group and the Rivoira, one of the company of Praxair International Group, which is leader in gas production and distribution and developing new technologies.

Over the years our company has developed the KnowHow that allowed Dryce to stand out in the market for innovation of the Products and KnowHow, such as to provide our customers with the best solution on the market, in this way of the major player in Italian and European Market.

We have discovered our Mission day by day, through work experience done with passion and dedication. Therefore, our Mission is the compass that leads us day by day, rather than a slogan. Helping our customers to become leaders on the market by providing them with the best products and the most up-to-date Know-How.

Mr. Matteo Schenatti
Sales Area Manager
+39 345 2179242