Mene Research

Mene Research

10:53, September 13 2016

By Mene Research

MENE RESEARCH is established in 2002 as a Turkish Contract Services Organization providing high quality services to the pharmaceutical industry.

MENE RESEARCH services cover each step of product development process from early to late phases and evaluating the outputs of these processes; determining development strategies starting from the discovery of the molecule and invention of the medical device.

DEPOT MERIDIAN, a subdivision of MENE RESEARCH, became the first clinical trial specific warehouse accredited by the Ministry of Health of Turkey operating with a reliable, experienced, trained and qualified team, structured on MENE RESEARCH's know-how and experience on clinical research. DEPOT MERIDIAN works in accordance with the ICH-GCP, cGMP-annex13, GDP as well as national and international laws/regulations. Environment: (15 -25 °C), (2-8 °C), (-20 °C), (- 80 °C), Controlled Substances. Services include relabeling, importing/exporting, IMP and clinical trial supply storing, return and disposal handling, cold chain management, destruction and reporting in addition to the logistics solutions such as standard delivery and VIP shipment services to the investigational sites via MERIDIAN-CSL.