January 12 2018


PHARMNET is full service CRO located in Prague, Czech Republic. Founded in 1994, it has conducted over 260 clinical trials (phase I – IV including ATMP trials and trials involving minors) and medical device studies, particularly in Central Europe.

Our client base are pharmaceutical and biotech companies seeking the reliability, fast and flexible approach, outstanding recruitment rate and high quality for reasonable costs. Pharmnet is also sought-after partner for foreign CROs seeking a task-specific support in CEE region, quite often for recruitment rescue projects.
Our intimate knowledge allows us to establish extensive network of investigators in any medical field in considerably short time, often helping the already ongoing projects suffering from slow recruitment.

Contact Information:
Email: ;
Phone: +420 603 813 596, +420 224 814 545
Address: Peckova 13, 186 00 Praha 8, Czech Republic