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Hasini Devarasetti

AstraZeneca reports positive data from lung cancer combo therapy trial

The Tagrisso and chemotherapy combination therapy showed strong improvement in progression-free survival.

MindMed completes 50% subject enrolment and dosing in GAD therapy trial

The trial will assess four MM-120 doses to treat anxiety symptoms in GAD diagnosed patients.

Indapta plans Phase I trial of NK Cell therapy

The trial will assess three different dose levels of G-NK cells alone and along with interleukin-2 and the monoclonal antibodies.

Phio Pharmaceuticals receives FDA IND clearance for PH-762 trial

The first Phase Ib trial will assess the tolerability and safety of neoadjuvant use of intratumorally injected PH-762.

Protara begins subject dosing in Phase Ib ADVANCED-1EXP expansion trial

The trial will assess the intravesical TARA-002 at the 40KE dose in 12 patients with CIS.

KinoPharma, IWAKI SEIYAKU start Phase II study of cutaneous warts drug

The trial will confirm the efficacy of the drug candidate for the treatment of cutaneous warts.

Mabwell reports positive clinical data of anti-Nectin-4 drug ADC 9MW2821

The preliminary data showed 50% objective response rate and 100% disease control rate in six cervical carcinoma patients.

Merck, Eisai decide to discontinue advanced melanoma therapy trial

The companies’ decision is based on the recommendation from an independent data monitoring committee (DMC).

FDA places partial hold on Molecular Templates’ Phase I trial

The company will not recruit new participants for the trial until the partial hold is lifted.

Doxycycline prevents acquisition of sexually transmitted infections in trial

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, part of the NIH, provided funding for the study.