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Reynald Castañeda is the lead editor of Clinical Trials Arena. Reynald's coverage focuses on outsourcing, partnering, and supply chains. An experienced healthcare journalist, he was previously an associate editor for GlobalData’s Investigative News Team, writing scoops and feature news articles on drug development.

Reynald Castañeda


ASCO rectal cancer trial result draw publicity but what is the impact?

Data from a Phase II rectal cancer trial was in the limelight at this year’s ASCO meeting but the bigger picture is more nuanced.

Just-in-time: on schedule to rescue the clinical trial supply chain?

Just-in-time has clear implementation pluses in clinical trials, especially amidst global supply chain issues. But uptake is yet to peak.

Increased initiatives to up Indigenous Australian clinical trials yet to move the needle

Some 9,206 clinical trials were included in the analysis, with 139 focusing on Indigenous health. There is no relative increase in Indigenous trials over a ten-year time span.

The great wall: why overseas sponsors are yet to fully tap into China’s clinical trial resources

China is an attractive study destination, yet our data-driven analysis shows the country’s clinical trial industry is still insular. Clinical Trials Arena maps the barricades.

DCT tech language divide: risking clinical trial data integrity

With the rise of tech aiding DCT, developers point to challenges in safeguarding seamless communication between products.

Pharma fundraising in the digital age: HCS Pharma dives into crypto

HCS Pharma is amidst a EUR7m raise using crypto tokens. The firm’s CEO offers some tips for other companies considering the same approach.

CRO M&A deals reach new record, but what does this mean for clinical trial sponsors?

While CRO M&A diversifies a clinical trial service provider’s offering, it could also risk of a changing work culture.

A shallow pool of DCT professionals to meet jobs vacancy boom?

As the clinical trials sector sets records for vacancies for jobs focusing on decentralisation, Clinical Trials Arena investigates professional pathways into DCT.

Clinical trial data company Beaconcure eyes US expansion

Beaconcure’s platform Verify is designed to review clinical trial datasets and pinpoint inconsistencies.

Alopecia areata steals the spotlight in time for possible treatment paradigm shift

With alopecia areata in the headlines, Clinical Trials Arena looks at a potential shake-up in its drug options and an emerging treatment mechanism.