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William Newton is a Senior Reporter for Clinical Trials Arena and Pharmaceutical Technology, focusing on clinical trial design, healthcare business and regulation, and new technologies. Now based in New York City, he previously covered diabetes drug development at Close Concerns’ industry-facing publication in San Francisco. William holds a BA in Economics from Williams College.

William Newton


Biogen caves in on Aduhelm: how Alzheimer’s disease biotechs can avoid similar mistakes

After Biogen all but waved the white flag on its once-promising Aduhelm, Clinical Trials Arena explores how Alzheimer’s disease drug developers can dodge a similar fate.

Drug development for ultra-rare diseases: What happens when N=1?

Some ultra-rare diseases have fewer than 30 known patients globally. Is there an ethical and economical way to test and approve treatments?

ALS: Clene plans 300-patient Phase III trial of CNM-Au8

CNM-Au8 clinical advisor Matthew Kiernan previews Clene’s planned Phase III ALS trial design, including biomarkers and target population.

NeuroSense previews Phase IIb trial plans for oral ALS drug

NeuroSense CEO Alon Ben-Noon reveals the target patient population and outcome measures of a planned Phase IIb ALS trial to Clinical Trials Arena.

Mapping Endpoints: Is the 6-minute walk test still the best Pompe disease clinical trial endpoint?

The 6-minute walk test has long been the consensus primary measure for Pompe disease drug studies, but some experts are calling for change.

ALS clinical trials: How stem cells could fuel biomarker development

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics is generating stem cells to test its ALS drug in a genetic subpopulation after missing the mark in a Phase III trial.

Rare Disease Day: Six clinical trial stories you need to read

We highlight our coverage on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, Rett syndrome, and achondroplasia for Rare Disease Day.

Mapping Endpoints: Can Huntington’s disease clinical trial design tweaks lead to success?

After a series of disappointing trial data in Huntington’s disease drug development over the past several years, study design changes take aim at moving the field forward.

Long Covid-19: Tonix reveals Phase II trial design plans

The biotech plans to study its fibromyalgia asset in long Covid-19 due to overlap in symptoms.

Are you ready? EU’s Clinical Trials Regulation and portal goes live 31 January

The EU’s Clinical Trials Regulation and information system aims to streamline applications and bolster transparency – but initial rollout could face growing pains.