Clinical trial software companies create tools that allow the efficient planning, management and tracking of clinical study data. They support researchers in the optimisation throughout a clinical trial and bring transparency to the procedures.

Software and technology assist in the better management of the critical components of a clinical study such as document management, collaboration across team members, planning, monitoring and tracking a project, contact management, streamlining workflows, reporting and generating analytics for business. They also help to gain information from multiple clinical studies in a simpler and visually appealing way.

Leading clinical software and technology companies

Clinical Trials Arena has listed leading clinical software and technology companies, which includes providers of Cloud-based repository and clinical trial automation software platforms, digital solutions for medical adherence and patient retention and software solutions for clinical trials.

The information provided in the download document is drafted for pharmaceutical and biotech executives, research and development (R&D) executives, data managers, sales executives, software engineers, support engineers, clinical research associates, scientists, technicians, as well as any other individual involved in the operations in the clinical management software and technology sector.

The document provides detailed information on clinical software and technology providers, as well as their product lines and contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

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Clinical software solutions

Clinical software solutions are utilised by clinical research organisations, medical research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotech companies to manage their clinical trials and improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiency. Decentralised virtual clinical trials are also made possible by certain clinical software solutions.

The growing demand for remote monitoring services and digitalised solutions, rising number of clinical trials, as well as increased adoption of new technologies and investment in digital infrastructure and government support are accelerating the clinical trial software solutions market.

NextGen Healthcare, NueMD, eClinical Works, Experity and Praxis EMR are some examples of clinical management software solutions providers.