Contract research organizations (CROs), also known as clinical research organizations, offer their technical expertise and development support across all phases of development to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies on a contractual basis.

They provide outsourced pharmaceutical and biotechnology research services to help move therapies from concept to market while ensuring compliance with national and international standards.

Discover the top contract research organizations

Clinical Trials Arena has listed some of the leading contract research organizations, based on its experience in the sector.

The list includes providers of services and products such as customised services for the clinical development of new drug substances and drug products, biotechnology research, preclinical services, clinical research services, clinical endpoints adjudication management software for clinical trials, clinical data analysis, and modelling, research, and development services for clinical studies and regulatory affairs, quality control testing, and mass spectrometry services for material characterisation.

Explore suppliers of cell-based in-vitro models, cell-based assay kits, disease models, biomarkers, and recombinant proteins and formulation.

The information provided in the download is for pharmaceutical executives, research scientists, associates, clinical trial managers, specialists, suppliers, and others involved in contract research organizations and associated operations in the sector.

The download contains detailed information on the manufacturers and suppliers and their product and service offerings, along with contact details.

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Services offered by CROs

Within the healthcare industry, CROs offer a range of services for various stages of product development, clinical trial, review and marketing. Some of them include:

  • Formulation expertise in the research and development stage
  • Preclinical and clinical studies stage: site selection, patient recruitment, efficacy and safety profiling, database design and implementation, data management, statistical analysis, assessment, validation, and reporting
  • Application and review stage: report submission and correspondence support
  • Post-approval stage: marketing assistance and post-market safety monitoring

CROs reduce the sponsors’ workload and support the companies in bringing their products to market on time in a cost-efficient manner, avoiding the company’s need to establish in-house facilities for all the research and clinical trial processes. They may also provide innovative technological tools to companies for more efficient clinical trial processes.