On the National Health Service (NHS), there are more than 13 different types of contraceptive choices for women in the UK today. The development of oral contraception and other forms of birth control has significantly increased ever since the emergence of the first contraceptive pill during the 1960s. Now with the known mechanisms that artificial hormones play, different forms of contraception have been developed to suit the individual’s needs.

Ever since the emergence of the contraceptive pill, there have been many changes in society that have given women more freedom regarding their fertility and choice in unwanted pregnancies. Not only has there been a rapid decline in unwanted pregnancies ever since the contraceptive pill emerged, but there have also been changing attitudes globally towards conceiving. Society is more developed than it was 50 years ago due to increased women’s rights and career progression. Many women today are choosing to conceive a lot later in life and having different forms of contraception allows them to take on this decision safely.

Also, women today are choosing to use contraception for other reasons. Due to the artificial hormones found in the pill, women can be more in control of their menstrual cycle by using the pill to restrict and delay it. They view the pill as a convenient tool that works for busy schedules and busy lives. Other women may choose to take the pill due to its positive effects on different diseases, such as endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Using GlobalData’s Clinical Trials database to look at trials investigating contraceptive use, 80.2% were completed, whereas only 0.07% were ongoing and 0.02% had been planned. Studies are still imperative for contraceptives due to the wide range of issues surrounding them. The development and progression of not just the pill but contraception over the last 70 years has been astounding; however, issues still remain with contraceptive usage, especially with the creation of hormone imbalances post-contraceptive use.