GlobalData analysed the number of planned clinical trials spanning all indications with a planned initiation date in 2020.

Figure 1: Top therapy areas for planned clinical trials to be initiated in 2020 by sponsor type. Credit: GlobalData.

As shown in figure one, oncology is the most dominant therapy area for both industry and non-industry-sponsored clinical trials.

When looking at just industry-sponsored trials, oncology outnumbers the combined total of central nervous system and infectious diseases, which are the second and third top indications for industry-sponsored trials. Clinical studies investigating the central nervous system hold second place across both sponsor types.

The third, fourth, and fifth largest therapy areas for non-industry-sponsored trials are cardiovascular, infectious disease, and metabolic disorders. Cardiovascular studies are the only therapy area where non-industry-sponsored trials outnumber their industry-sponsored counterparts.

Figure 2: Top therapy areas for planned clinical trials in 2020 by number and phase. Credit: GlobalData.

Figure two shows the top therapy areas for clinical trials planned for initiation in 2020 by percentage and phase. The data are presented with the number of clinical trials in the upper graph and the phase distribution of the clinical trials in the lower graph.

Oncology trials dominate the planned trial landscape with the greatest number and greatest relative proportion of phase one and phase two trials. Oncology also has the second-lowest proportion of phase three trials (15.6%) and the lowest proportion of phase four trials (1.9%). The large number of early-stage clinical trials in oncology suggests a high demand for new therapeutic approaches to address unmet medical needs, requiring investigations in the clinical setting with phase one and phase two trials.