Video Conference Solutions for Clinical Researchers

ZUMEDU, created by SWIL Systems, provides cloud-based, end-to-end encrypted video conference solutions for clinical researchers, including contract research organisations (CROs), sponsors and institutions.

With our on-demand system, we offer an easy-to-use option for our customers. Case studies published in several papers show it effectively replaces non-interventional patient visits and phone calls to confirm a patient’s wellbeing or occurrence of an adverse event.

For sponsors, our system can reduce the number of monitoring visits and the time saved on travelling optimises the allocation of resources and specialists.

Advantages of video conference solutions for clinical researchers

ZUMEDU achieves its full advantaged when used alongside combinations with electronic trial master files (eTMFs), electronic case report forms (eCRFs) or fully equipped clinical trial management (CTM) systems.

Centralised data collection.
Remote patient interviews and evaluation.
Secure communication between study sites.

To confirm highest security standards and regulatory compliance, our platform, audited for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, ensures maximum safety for the private data of users, especially patients.

Our videoconferencing security standards are certified and compliant to the German National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, as well as adapted to the global needs on clinical research projects.

Due to the specific needs of clinical researchers, we offer fully customisable white-label versions, along with standard versions for healthcare professionals.

Clinical video conference solutions for real-time browser-based communication

The ZUMEDU platform is easy to use and available to a wide range of clinical research professionals. With no need for software installation, all our communication services take place in a secure and encrypted video conference via a browser.

Peer-to-peer connections make sure that the flow of information and data takes place directly between the patient and the research facility.

Instead of using our shared version, clients may be interested in using their own installation or white label solution hosted at their location.

Our decades of expertise in the operative application of clinical studies in a wide range of indications allows us to offer not only technical components but also our experience in the ideal, revision-proof implementation of ZUMEDU, including support with documentation and system validation for white label solutions.

Innovative digital platform for more efficient clinical trial management

Any organisation performing clinical trials knows how much time and money can be spent merely by conducting regular patient interviews. Our white label ZUMEDU version reduces these costs for organisations while providing maximum levels of convenience and data security for both our clients and their patients.

For all instances that do not require an on-site presence, we are an ideal choice for secure communication. Organisations can save time and money, increasing the retention rate in trials by increasing convenience to clinical trial participants.

Clinical video conferences designed for specific needs

We offer a variety of options to implement the video conference system ZUMEDU. Sign up for a cloud-based service solution or let us provide you with a white-label version customised to your needs and hosted on secure servers in Germany and the European Union (EU).

We can also help with the on-site installation of servers of client choice, managed alongside the company’s IT professionals.

Clinical trials with patients in remote locations can implement our service to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and provide convenience to patients and research professionals.