Developed by software company Syrenis, Cassie is designed to help organisations across the healthcare sector manage their data for clinical, administrative and marketing purposes in compliance with global data privacy laws.

We partner with hospitals, medical institutions, healthcare professionals and health information exchanges (HIEs), as well as pharmaceutical, life science and biotechnology companies.

Cassie is designed to meet the needs of healthcare and pharmaceutical organisations, and can manage data related to complex relationships throughout the patient journey.

Healthcare organisations utilise a range of digital systems such as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, practice management, and marketing systems. Cassie can be scaled to large, complex, distributed organisations that control millions of records.

Syrenis' Cassie platform helps healthcare companies manage data in compliance with global data privacy laws.
The platform consolidates consents obtained using different software applications in a single, auditable version.
Cassie allows individuals' consents to be stored securely while allowing appropriate access for healthcare professionals.

Cassie is a highly secure personal information management system that can consolidate data across complex networks. The platform’s data-driven architecture integrates with third-party applications and consolidates the consents obtained using these disparate systems in a single, auditable version in compliance with codes of conduct and privacy laws.

Secure management of personal information

Healthcare organisations manage vast arrays of data. This can take the form of sensitive patient records containing personal health information (PHI), or it could be staff or agency records or healthcare professionals databases containing personally identifiable information (PII). All data must be protected and used ethically in line with expressed permissions.

Cassie centralises consents from multiple platforms and stores them to provide a transparent audit trail for adherence with global data privacy legislation.

Consent management of patient data

Consent is critical for medical procedures, treatment programmes and clinical trial programmes. Healthcare professionals must show that consent has been provided in compliance with data protection regulations such as the US Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA), and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR).

As healthcare practitioners and professionals, you need to demonstrate that you are using patient data in accordance with their recorded consents. These consents may be stored in diverse, siloed databases.

Cassie acts as a central, secure data repository to access individuals’ consents, safely maintaining and accurately updating records, while also enabling appropriate access for healthcare professionals.

You may be dealing with delegated consents involving complex relationships such as patients’ relationships with parents, guardians or carers. Cassie gives patients, service users, carers and guardians control over consent management while allowing healthcare professionals to identify the hierarchy of consents for data management and compliance.

Cassie manages the hierarchies of consent to make relevant consents identifiable and actionable, securely storing them centrally and providing an audit trail across all communications channels.

The platform’s centralised data model allows information from multiple sources like forms, email systems or distributed databases to be integrated, configured and securely maintained in a centralised repository. Consistent forms are easily created and exported across different systems and can be shared safely with different departments and institutions.

Your marketing departments can confidently use patient and customer data for promotional campaigns in line with their expressed consents and preferences. Cassie integrates with Martech systems to ensure that individuals who have provided consent receive appropriate information and that any changes to consent are updated as soon as they are recorded.

For patients, Cassie offers confidence that sensitive medical records are being managed in line with their specific requests. The platform’s highly secure self-service consumer portal gives patients and their carers or guardians access to granular level consents that can be changed in line with individuals’ specifications.

Global privacy legislation compliance

Healthcare is highly regulated, with extensive ethical codes of conduct, as well as liable to global data privacy and protection legislation such as HIPAA, CCPA and GDPR. All of these regulations and codes require a rigorous chain of consents to be obtained for medical and ongoing treatment programmes.

Cassie’s data-centric design allows compliance with any regulation, in any language, with new legislation simply added to the platform as soon as it is enacted. So whether you need to comply with HIPAA or any specific regional or state data privacy laws, you can be confident that using Cassie will enable you to be compliant.

Compliance with global cookie regulations

Different locations have different regulations relating to how cookies and other tracker technologies can be used. Cassie adapts easily to location-specific cookie regulation and generates a user-friendly cookie banner that will adhere to your brand specifications.

Cassie’s user-centric Cookie Management Module will help you to decrease opt-outs and encourage opt-ins in compliance with relevant privacy laws. The system immediately updates any changes in cookie consents and stores all consents in a central, compliant repository, providing an audit trail for all consents captured by the cookie banner.

About Cassie

Whether you are a hospital, medical institution, healthcare professional, health insurer, pharmaceutical or life science company, Cassie is designed to help you to make the most of your patient, client or staff data in compliance with global data privacy laws.

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