Defenvid, Biotechnological/Nutraceutical Product with Immune-Enhancing Properties

DefenVid is an innovative nutraceutical of the lipofishin family. E-JUR-94013TM is the structural base of DefenVid, a bioderivative obtained from the species Trachurus trachurus (Atlantic horse mackerel).

The production of DefenVid involves non-denaturing biotechnological procedures with full preservation of all-natural components.

DefenVid displays anti-inflammatory activity and powerful immune-enhancing properties in cases of immunodeficiency, microbial (viral, bacterial, fungal) infections, and/or diseases in which there is a functional compromise of the immune system.

In vitro studies with E-JUR-94013TM in peripheral blood lymphocytes from healthy volunteers showed strong immunological effects, with a clear immune activation as reflected by the increased levels of CD25, CD8, CD38, CD19, and HLA-DR expression on lymphocytes and a reduction in apoptotic CD19+CD38+ double-positive lymphocytes, indicating an increase in lymphocyte efficiency and survival.

In clinical studies, DefenVid is able to modulate cellular and humoral immune responses, increasing the number of all leukocyte subclasses and the serum levels of immunoglobulins A, G, and M, while displaying a slight reduction in the concentration of IgE. The effect of DefenVid is also immunomodulatory increasing the white blood cell count in immunodeficient patients and decreasing it in patients with leukocytosis, inducing a normalization of WBC parameters.

In humans, DefenVid decreases C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, whose circulating concentrations rise in response to inflammation, indicating the potential anti-inflammatory effect of DefenVid.

In conclusion, DefenVid is a highly beneficial nutraceutical for boosting immune function or in cases when the immune system is altered due to viral and/or bacterial infections or in cases of pathological and/or chemical immunosuppression.

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