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Alternatives Technologie Pharma is a private company based in Laval, Quebec, Canada, that specializes in cold chain management solutions for the life sciences and health sectors.

Our mission is to offer efficient and user-friendly solutions to ensure the integrity of highly-sensitive products, including regulatory compliance services, environmental monitoring solutions, packaging design and validation / qualification for highly-regulated sectors.

Alternatives Technologie Pharma has a team of experts in fields such as quality and regulatory compliance, cold chain compliance, IT, software development and packaging, as well as a solid track record of life science and health projects.

Regulatory services for cold chain compliance

Our regulatory services package is specifically tailored to the life science, health, food and transportation / logistics industries, and includes:

Regulatory services and support:

  • Regulatory gap analysis
  • Training of staff and personnel
  • SOP writing and regulatory documentation
  • Temperature distribution mapping services for warehouses, distribution centers and storage areas
  • Temperature profile study during transportation (seasonal)

Validation and qualification:

  • Qualification of storage and thermal equipment (refrigerators, freezers, ovens, etc.)
  • Qualification of temperature-controlled transport systems
  • Qualification (OQ / PQ) of shipping systems
  • Validation of cold chain processes

Web monitoring for cold chain control and management

Alternatives Technologie Pharma also provides unique tracking and monitoring solutions to ensure effective and compliant cold chain control and management.

Our real-time automated web monitoring solution for storage and transportation:

  • Can be installed on-site or vendor-hosted (solution as a service)
  • Incorporates wireless sensor networks (wireless network with Mesh configuration)
  • Has sensors for temperature, relative humidity and pressure, but also for CO2 level and other factors

Our data logger management system (web solution):

  • Can be installed on-site or vendor-hosted (solution as a service)
  • Multiple data logger models are available and supported (ibutton model, single-use loggers, one-wire thermocouple, USB thermocouple, etc.)
  • All monitoring solutions are provided with qualification (IQ / OQ) and insurance, and a maintenance program

Customers also benefit from our ‘No Worry Exchange’ calibration program for all monitoring solutions.

Cold chain packaging and shipping systems

Alternatives Technologie Pharma and its partners help protect temperature-sensitive products during transportation and distribution by providing transport and shipping solutions for temperature-sensitive products:

  • Test and design of customized cold chain shipping systems
  • Insulated packaging materials and temperature conditioning materials (gel packs, phase change material, dry ice substitutes, etc.)
  • Pre-qualified insulated, reusable thermal coolers for blood, biological and drug products
  • Pre-qualified insulated shippers

Market-proven cold chain services

Alternatives Technologie Pharma’s services and solutions package helps the life science and health products industries’ supply chains deliver components for maintaining the cold chain. They are particularly well suited and accepted in pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnological industries, clinical research organizations (CROs) and clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical distribution, transportation and logistics, hospitals and healthcare institutions, and pharmacies.

Alternatives Technologie Pharma, Inc.

3100 de la Concorde E

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Laval (Quebec)

H7E 2B8