Corealis Pharma Expands its Operations into a New Facility in Laval, Canada

Corealis Pharma has announced the consolidation of its operations by acquiring a new 33,000ft² state-of-the-art pharmaceutical research facility in the heart of the Cité de la Biotech in Laval (Qc), Canada. In addition, Corealis Pharma is hiring highly skilled scientists and purchasing complementary analytical and manufacturing equipments. These important investments made by Corealis are part of its ongoing strategic development plan in order to continue to be recognized as the reference in oral solid dosage formulation development.

According to Dr Yves Roy, president of Corealis Pharma: “In the last few years, we have had to decline projects on a regular basis. With these investments, we will now be able to consolidate all of our services under one roof, tighten our project timelines, increase our capacity, reduce our operating costs and triple our yearly capacity. To our customers, this means shorter development time for their drug products. As a result, they will get noticed faster by large pharma for potential acquisition or partnership. We strive to make our clients succeed and I believe that we have now taken actions that will further help them achieve their goals.”

Corealis is maintaining all the existing quality systems active in the facility to offer services that comply with the Canadian (Health Canada), US (US FDA) and European (EMEA) pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practices requirements.

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