ARTES Enters into a Partnership with Henkel for a Three-Year Research Programme

ARTES Biotechnology has announced its collaboration with Henkel in a joint three-year research programme that is granted by the German national BMBF (German Ministery of Education and Research) within the CLIB2021 cluster (Wettbewerb Industrielle Biotechnologie 2021). The cooperation aims to advance the development and manufacture of peptides with adhesive properties.

ARTES will apply its proprietary technology platforms – the yeast expression technologies Hansenula and Arxula, and the Chaperone technology for improved secretion. The generation of production cell lines, analytical assay development and lab-scale fermentation/down stream process development are ARTES’ responsibilities in this cooperation. Innovative strategies for the production of difficult-to-express adhesive peptides shall be developed, resulting in next generation tools for ARTES’ contract R&D.

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