Exploristics Receives R&D Grant to Develop Personalised Medicine Simulation Tool

Exploristics, the innovative data analysis and modelling company, is pleased to announce that is has received a grant from Invest NI to develop a simulation tool to optimise the design of research programmes for personalised medicine. This tool will enable users to:

  • Maximise the likelihood of identifying patient sub-populations
  • Understand and quantify the factors that lead to a successful outcome
  • Test and validate all systems, data processing and analysis methods prior to the generation of the actual study data
  • Develop analysis methods and graphical displays for complex data
  • Inform decision-making on study design or development programme options
  • Optimise personalised medicine research programmes’ given cost and time constraints

The tool will have a broad range of applications across discovery, translational, development and post-marketing studies. The tool will be easy-to-use and accessible to researchers from many disciplines yet powerful enough to support the realistic modelling of a broad range of research scenarios. The tool will be of particular interest to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics companies as well as CROs, biobanks and personalised medicine consultancies.

For more information on the capabilities of the simulation tool and other Exploristics services, visit our website or contact us.

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