Noble Life Sciences Expands Antimicrobial Service Offerings

With expanded in-vitro and in-vivo capabilities, Noble Life Sciences can now provide end-to-end preclinical testing services to support antimicrobial drug discovery and development under one roof.

Currently available services include:

In vitro services

  • Drug screening to identify lead candidates
  • Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) analysis against prototypic and drug-resistant gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.
  • Resistance selection and characterization
  • Inhibition of biofilm formation
  • Mechanism of action determination

In-vivo services

  • Pharmacokinetics (PK) / pharmacodynamics (PD) and antimicrobial activity in neutropenic thigh-infection models
  • Bacterial sepsis models
  • Lung infection models
  • Customized models
  • Wound infection models
  • Surgical infection models
  • Biofilm-associated device-related infections

To learn more about how to design an ideal preclinical programme for your antibacterial therapeutic, register for the company’s upcoming webinar ‘Antibacterial Drug Discovery and Development: Designing Ideal Preclinicnal Program’.

This complimentary webinar will take place on 30 May at 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time. It will last 45 minutes. Register by making an enquiry using the contact form.


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