Solid Form Solutions Achieves ISO9001:2008 Certification

After inspection by the British Standards Institute, Solid Form Solutions (SFS) has now been certified to ISO9001:2008.

The audit’s success stemmed from hard work and overall team effort from all the staff who have fully embraced the quality culture, as demonstrated by the auditors finding zero non-conformances during the audit.

John Mackinlay, SFS quality manager, said,
“This certification endorses the quality of the screening services already provided by SFS, and further enhances the company’s reputation as one of the leading providers of solid form screening. We will build on this standard to develop other activities within the company and progress to even higher levels of certification.”

SFS is a contract research organisation specialising in solid form screening and development services. The company provides salt, polymorph and crystallisation screening servies to the pharmaceutical industry along with scale-up development.

For more information on Solid Form Solutions, please contact SFS or visit their website.

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