Solid Form Solutions Launches New Custom Synthesis Service

Solid Form Solutions is pleased to unveil its custom synthesis service to complement its solid form screening programmes. Using a ‘quality by design’ approach, the integration of the two services provides a powerful and rapid low-risk route to manufacture.

Our experienced synthetic chemistry team are capable of locating the first route to a drug molecule and delivering a scaled-up, optimised process. Our capabilities include:

  • Contract organic synthesis
  • Custom organic synthesis (no product, no fee)
  • Specialists in polymer, macromolecule and peptide synthesis
  • Synthesis of novel compounds and intermediates
  • Expansion of molecular libraries
  • Hit to lead optimisation
  • Extensive analytical support and services

Our specialised equipment capability includes:

  • Impurity isolation and identification
  • High-field NMR 1H, 13C, N and 31P nuclei (including 2D NMR for full structure elucidation)
  • Mass spectrometry (EI, CI, ESI and MALDI)
  • HPLC (method development)

Whether our synthetic work programmes are used separately, or in tandem with a screening activity, SFS will deliver the most efficient synthetic chemistry.

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