Nycomed and Trenzyme Extend Their Cooperation Agreement

10th February 2010

The companies Nycomed and Trenzyme, both situated in Konstanz (Germany), have extended their cooperation agreement for another four years.

As a service provider for Nycomed, Trenzyme will continue handling projects ranging from DNA cloning, recombinant expression in E.coli, yeast and mammalian cells to protein purification and cell line development. Concomitantly, Trenzyme will remain in the premises on the Nycomed campus.

By continuing the cooperation, Nycomed maintains the status of a preferred client. In return, Trenzyme maintains the status of a preferred service provider for Nycomed. Both parties agreed that the past cooperation was fruitful and beneficial for both sides. The geographical proximity of the two companies also allows greater flexibility in responding to the scientific demands of projects, and is thus considered as an important factor for the success of this cooperation. Therefore at Nycomed efforts are being made to provide Trenzyme with its growing need for space on the Nycomed campus.

Both parties maintain silence over the volume of the cooperation agreement.

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