Viedoc Technologies offers a new way of looking at data collection in clinical research. We design and create smart solutions and efficient applications for clinical trials in all therapeutic areas and phases.

Designed to make clinical trials more manageable and efficient, our platform enables our clients to reach their goals faster. Our mission is to help create a healthier world by developing the best eClinical system available on the market.

Viedoc was created in 2003 by a group of clinical research experts with experience from contract research organisations and has since been used to power thousands of studies worldwide.

Our eClinical suite delivers user-friendly solutions, including Electronic Data Capture (EDC), electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO), electronic Case Report Form (eCRF), Randomization and Trial Supply Management (RTSM)and much more.

High-performance eClinical systems for clinical trials

Viedoc’s eClinical suite offers eight unique products designed to simplify clinical trials:

  • Clinic – Data collection and monitoring made easy
  • Admin – Full control and study management at your fingertips
  • Designer – Professional study builds, and libraries tailored to you
  • ViedocMe – Patient input and reminders in one fully integrated app
  • Logistics – Trial supply management for optimised inventory
  • Randomization – Static or dynamic randomisation at the click of a button
  • Coder – Coding data with ease and simplicity
  • Connect – Application programming interface (API) for seamless integration with external applications

All our products are fully compliant with industry standards.

Efficient and flexible eClinical suite for clinical trial optimisation

Viedoc is easy to use and simple to learn, thanks to a combination of innovation and design.

Clients can reduce setup times with 50% or more, minimise license costs and pass any inspection with confidence.

Viedoc’s intuitive interface offers a full range of features, enabling clients to create the most intricate study protocols with minimal effort.

Innovations for accurate data entry

At Viedoc Technologies, we envision a future where all researchers have access to the best possible data entry technology available.

We understand how health-tech innovation has a significant impact on global health, and are leading the progress towards the next generation of eClinical software with Viedoc, ensuring medical treatments reach the patients faster.

By blending innovation with design, we aim to simplify the users’ workflow, helping them run more efficient trials.

About Viedoc Technologies

Viedoc Technologies was founded in Sweden in 2003 by people from the life science industry.

Today, our clients are clinical research organisations, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, and research institutions working to enhance the lives of millions of people around the world.

With a company culture deeply rooted in Scandinavian traditions, we design technology to simplify every user’s day.

Simplicity is fundamental for Viedoc, driving us to develop a product with the end-user in mind. We apply this in everything we do, making Viedoc truly unique among eClinical systems.