Solid Form Solutions (SFS) today announced that four new staff members have joined the company to support a number of large contracts. The Roslin-based CRO specialises in providing the pharmaceutical industry with solid form screening and analytical services, including salt, polymorph, co-crystal and crystallisation services. SFS also provides an API scale-up development service as well as a synthetic chemistry service.

Solid Form Solutions technical director Dr Stephen Watt says, “The addition of the new personnel is great news for SFS, and will allow the company to build-on their fantastic achievements.”

SFS welcomes the following people to the company:

Patrick Falvey (business development manager) gained a PhD in synthetic drug delivery systems from University College Dublin followed by postdoctoral experience in Neurological drug development, before moving into commercial business development. More recently Patrick worked with the Scottish international economic development agency, SDI, and has sound knowledge of the pharmaceuticals market place.

Dr Ioan Paraschiv (senior scientist) holds a PhD in physical-organic chemistry from Wageningen University, The Netherlands. Before joining Solid Form Solutions, Ioan held a position of project leader pharma, with another CRO company. Ioan will manage customer projects, and provide technical support to SFS business development team to further expand the company’s client base.

Magdalena Werecka (project scientist) joins SFS as an analyst and project scientist from another CRO. Madga will use her in-depth knowledge of analytical techniques (HPLC, Karl-Fischer) to support projects as well as expanding SFS’s analytical services.

Dr Myriam Scansetti (project scientist) joins SFS as a project scientist. Myriam gained a PhD in synthetic organic chemistry from Edinburgh University. Myriam will use her synthetic capabilities and expertise in analytical techniques to support both synthetic chemistry and solid form screening projects.