UTrain is an online e-learning training solution designed to fulfil your in-house training requirements in pharmaceutical analysis areas, such as HPLC training, in an effective, efficient and economic way.

The UTrain package consists of three key elements:

  • Training videos are used to provide all the necessary subject information. They can be used either by an individual for self-paced learning or in a group training setting. The videos can be viewed as often as required by individual learners. An example of a training video is provided in the training resources section of the MTS website.
  • Exercises and instructions for practical experiments (where applicable) are provided so that learners can apply their new skills. Detailed solutions for the exercises are also included. The exercises and solutions are designed to be printed off from e-MTS as required.
  • The assessment questions used to measure the learning progress are administered in an e-learning module and are combined with a review of the learning. A training certificate is awarded by Mourne Training Services on correct completion of all the questions. The certificate contains a space for an in-house signature to certify that all the training was completed satisfactorily.

All three UTrain elements cam be accessed online via e-MTS, our virtual environment for learning. The UTrain package comprises a series of modules, each designed to last approximately 90 minutes. Individual modules may be selected to suit your training needs.

HPLC training course available now

The first available UTrain modules together make up an introductory HPLC training course. This course is the best possible starting point for any HPLC operator to develop their knowledge and skills. The course is based on the MTS course “An Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis” and is recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry for the purposes of continuing professional development. Further modules on HPLC, including troubleshooting HPLC and HPLC analytical method development, as well as modules on the validation of analytical methods, will be available in the future.

UTrain free trial

At Mourne Training Services we believe that e-learning packages need to meet the training needs of the end-user and that the only way for our customers to ensure that they have the right package is for them to try it out. This is why we offer a free trial of UTrain, allowing you to view the full training videos, review samples of the exercises and solutions which accompany the training and try out the review and assessment for each module. Visit our website to submit a request form for your free trial.