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Decoding the Future

GlobalData’s Clinical Trials Database is a comprehensive source of information on clinical trials worldwide, providing accurate and detailed intelligence to address your clinical development needs. The database covers interventional, observational and expanded access studies involving therapeutic and prophylactic interventions for a wide range of therapy areas and indications, including rare diseases.

Why choose GlobalData’s Clinical Trials Database?

– Save time and effort by gaining access to accumulated information from various sources and registries in a standardized format, reducing the need for research.

– Monitor and evaluate a product’s clinical development and use our Clinical Trial Analyzers to customize data evaluation.

– Access GlobalData’s other databases covering Pharmaceutical Products, Investigators, Companies and News, which are seamlessly integrated with the Clinical Trials Database.

– Visualize and analyze competitors’ clinical stage portfolios using the Competitive Landscape tool.

– Gain access to a 24/7 ‘Ask an Analyst Support Service’, plus research support and training.

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Clinical Trials: A Round-up of 2017

Revati Tatake & Brooke Wilson, GlobalData, provide an overview of developments that arose in the clinical trial space in 2017