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Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Decentralised Clinical Trial Development

8609 Westwood Center Dr #110, Tysons Corner, VA 22182, United States of America

8609 Westwood Center Dr #110, Tysons Corner, VA 22182, United States of America

AI Decentralised Clinical Trials

Jeeva Informatics Solutions (Jeeva) is a seed-stage start-up on a mission to develop artificial intelligence (AI)-driven decentralised clinical trials and optimise patient-focused clinical research.

The Jeeva Trials solution reduces patient travel burden by replacing in-person trial site visits with videoconferencing, remote data collection, and digital engagement.

Jeeva is particularly beneficial for both rare disorders and clinical research studies involving long-term follow-ups and safety monitoring.

Jeeva is a member of numerous life science membership organisations, including Virginia BIO, BioHealth Capital Region and the Global Genes Corporate Alliance.

AI-driven decentralised clinical trial development platform

Guided by fundamental customer insights gained from more than 300 customer discovery interviews (NSF I-Corps grant) in the last year, Jeeva has validated the key customer pain points and value propositions. The current cost and time to bring innovative medicines to market are unsustainable.

Jeeva’s AI-driven decentralised clinical trials software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform helps investigators and leaders responsible for global clinical trial operations accelerate timelines, saving them more than 60% in costs while reducing travel by 50% to 80%.

Using the Jeeva SaaS platform, customers can rapidly enrol and engage geographically distributed diverse patients from their own home.

We enable our customers with a highly configurable software platform with centralised monitoring dashboards for clinical trial teams to set up, engage and empower their trial participants with the option of participating using the Jeeva’s BYOD (bring your own device) mobile app.

Participants can choose in-person or video conferencing visits based on their preference or as required by the clinical protocol and experience enhanced user experience / satisfaction. Jeeva’s AI engine is set up to learn from past clinical trials to automatically guide the next trial towards operational efficiency and maximise the probability of trial success.

Applications supported by decentralised SaaS platform

Cell and Gene therapies are the most advanced form of one-and-done treatments for patients with rare genetic diseases including cancer. US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines in January 2020 require sponsors of such therapy trials to monitor patients over extended periods of time to better understand the durability of these treatments.

A majority of existing clinical trial management or electronic data capture tools were designed for traditional brick and mortar clinical trials that usually span under a three-year duration. Jeeva offers bespoke solutions for five, ten or 15-year long-term follow-up studies.

We also deal with real-world evidence studies to collect electronic patient-reported outcomes data for a variety of therapeutic areas with flexible forms and questionnaires.

In advancing drug development programs for rare diseases, high-quality patient registries and natural history databases are often critical prerequisites. Jeeva’s SaaS platform enables patient advocacy groups with limited budgets to collect high-quality patient-level data over long durations of five, ten or 15 years, cost-effectively.

Investigator-initiated single-site studies suffer from a lack of funding and scalable software solutions necessary to conduct certain large-scale real-world evidence or observational or drug repurposing studies. The Jeeva SaaS platform offers a cost-effective solution to quickly establish and conduct clinical studies of any scale or duration with limited or no patients’ travel involved.

Unified, highly configurable and AI-driven platform

Features of Jeeva’s AI-driven platform include:

  • A simple user interface (UI) / user experience (UX) for patients and clinical trial teams
  • The clinical trial administrator can configure complex clinical trials and schedule of events for all users and participants
  • Digital engagement features such as voice-enablement, rewards points, and gamification aimed at long-term retention
  • AI assistant and dashboard for trial operations for real-time optimisation
  • Highly secure, scalable, and compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), code of federal regulations and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines
  • Unified and modular design means a reduced number of vendors and software tools to deal with. You can choose one or multiple modules for supporting decentralised clinical trials, including:

• Pre-screening for subject eligibility
• Electronic informed consent
• Electronic patient-reported outcomes
• Electronic clinical outcomes assessment
• Video conferencing visits
• Electronic diary and adverse event reporting, and
• Multi-way scheduling calendar management.

Decentralised clinical trial technologies in the Covid-19 era

In the Covid-19 era, everything must be virtual, and all clinical trial stakeholders, including regulators, are fast eliminating barriers to the adoption of mobile and decentralised clinical trials technologies.

Jeeva fills an urgent need to maintain trial integrity and continuity.

About Jeeva

Jeeva aims to reduce patients’ travel burden in clinical trials and accelerate timelines for cell or gene therapy long-term follow-up studies or real-world evidence.

After suffering the loss of a child to a rare congenital disorder, Jeeva’s founder, Harsha K Rajasimha, decided to apply his years of postdoctoral training at National Institutes of Health (NIH), FDA, and the life science industry, to accelerate treatments for rare diseases by eliminating barriers and bottlenecks in clinical trials.

Headquartered at Fairfax, Virginia, US, Jeeva is supported by venture capital from Pritt Investment Partners, CIT Gap Funds, KiwiTech and numerous angel investors, including senior executives from top 20 biopharmaceutical companies.

Jeeva’s Decentralized Clinical Trials

Our Jeeva Clinical cloud-based software provides a seamless solution that improves the experience of investigators and patients by decentralizing clinical trials.

CIT GAP Funds Investment to Jeeva

Startup takes clinical trials to the homes of patients through utilisation of digital health technologies to aid in bringing new medicines to market.

Jeeva Informatics Solutions

8609 Westwood Center Dr #110

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United States of America

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