CIT GAP Funds Investment to Jeeva

Startup takes clinical trials to the homes of patients through utilisation of digital health technologies to aid in bringing new medicines to market.

The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) today announced that CIT GAP Funds has invested in Herndon, Va.-based Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc. (Jeeva), a precision medicine data science company focused on significantly accelerating clinical trial operations by taking trials to patients’ homes.

Using AI and digital health technologies, Jeeva fast tracks patient recruitment, improves adherence to trial protocols, and reduces the patient burden and dropout rates, solving some of the pressing challenges in bringing innovative medicines to market effectively. Jeeva plans to use the GAP Funds investment to advance customer pilot projects and use cases for further validation.

Traditional clinical trial processes have remained inefficient and fairly unchanged for decades, with only 12% of all candidate drugs entering clinical trial phases ever receiving FDA approvals. Patient recruitment continues to be the biggest hurdle in the biopharma clinical trials process, most of which require patients to travel to brick and mortar sites, making it burdensome or in some cases impossible for eligible patients to enrol. Additionally, nearly 30% of consented patients are likely to drop out before the trial completes. Jeeva’s decentralised clinical trials platform accelerates patient recruitment by 10-15%, reduces drop-out rates to single-digit percentages and measurably improves compliance by reducing traditional travel burden by 20-80%.

“Accelerating the process of clinical research will bring critical, innovative treatments to market that we have lacked for decades,” said Harsha Rajasimha, Founder and CEO of Jeeva. “At Jeeva, we believe that access to critical therapies should not be a function of patients’ zip-codes. Our unique solution will enable communities living in rural, mountains, and hard-to-reach remote locations to participate in late-stage clinical trials. With CIT GAP Funds’ support, we look forward to further developing our platform and validating the value propositions with early adopters who share our vision.”

Jeeva’s central coordination of e-visits, or videoconferencing visits, can be applied to a wide variety of clinical trials including real-world evidence studies, cell and gene therapy trials, and trials requiring long-term safety monitoring follow-ups. Whether a trial involves daily log entries or monthly follow up visits, Jeeva’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) for remote visits reduces travel burden for participants, replacing up to 80% of in-person visits with e-visits. The platform’s technology architecture is scalable and flexible enough to anticipate and handle future use cases across therapeutic areas and will leverage existing mobile technologies to the aggregate patient health information on smartphones.

“It is clear that the current state of clinical trials is not efficient, and medicines could benefit from the speed of innovation. Jeeva’s approach to optimising clinical trials operations through virtual means will have a significant impact on many lives,” said Tom Weithman, Managing Director of CIT GAP Funds and Virginia Founders Fund. “Harsha and his team have done great work developing scalable technology for an unmet need, and the use of artificial intelligence to recommend real-time adjustments for an ongoing trial based on lessons learned from past clinical trials data is a remarkable advantage.  We look forward to following their success.”

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