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1st September 2010

Solid-phase synthesis, especially the more convenient Fmoc variant, has become the routine method for assembling peptides. Standard resins such as Wang resin yield the ‘free peptide’, whereas resins such as SASRIN™ or 2-chlorotrityl resin have been developed for the option to keep protection intact during cleavage from the carrier. Resins preloaded with the C-terminal amino acid are used in most cases, to avoid the more elaborate loading step. Bachem has optimised the conditions of loading for Wang and SASRIN™ resins for achieving minimal concomitant racemisation.

As the loading of amide resins such as Rink or Ramage resin can be easily integrated into a routine Fmoc-SPPS protocol, these carriers are offered merely in Fmoc-protected form. Amide resins for Boc-SPPS as BHA resin and MBHA resin are protected as hydrochlorides. Thus, Bachem offers only a small number of resins for obtaining peptide amides by Fmoc- or Boc-SPPS whereas our choice of preloaded resins for obtaining peptide acids by either strategy is immense: a range of preloaded Merrifield and PAM resins is available for Boc-SPPS.

For Fmoc-SPPS, Bachem offers, apart from the resin-bound proteinogenic acids, the Wang or SASRIN™ resin derivatives of most of their D-enantiomers and quite a number of unusual or labelled amino acids.

Besides these carrier resins for SPPS, a large choice of base resins and resins for solid-phase organic synthesis can be found at our webshop or in our catalogue. All the resins offered by Bachem are based on polystyrene-co-1% divinylbenzene. A number of them are available in two mesh sizes, 200-400 mesh (38µm-75µm) and 100-200 mesh (75µm-150µm).

Bachem offers

The chosen examples below should demonstrate the broadness of our offer of resin derivatives.

Preloaded Wang resins

  • D-2685: Fmoc-β-(3-benzothienyl)-Ala-® (200-400 mesh)
    (Fmoc-Bta-® (200-400 mesh))
  • D-1925: Fmoc-D-Gln(Mttt)-® (200-400 mesh) NEW PRICE
  • D-1705: Fmoc-His(1-Trt)-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-2340: Fmoc-His(1-Trt)-® (100-200 mesh)
  • D-2005: Fmoc-Homophe-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-1710: Fmoc-1-Nal-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-1135: Fmoc-p-nitro-Phe-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-1800: Fmoc-Orn(Boc)-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-1880: Fmoc-Pen(Trt)-® (200-400 mesh)

Preloaded SASRIN™ resins

  • D-1825: Fmoc-Abu-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-1725: Fmoc-β-cyclohexyl-Ala-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh)
    (Fmoc-Cha-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-2165: Fmoc-cysteamine-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-2590: Fmoc-Dap(Dnp)-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-1980: Fmoc-D-His(1-Trt)-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh) NEW PRICE
  • D-2060: Fmoc-Lys(dansyl)-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh) NEW PRICE
  • D-1730: Fmoc-Nle-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh) NEW PRICE
  • D-2180: Fmoc-Phg-SASRIN™-® (200-400 mesh)

Preloaded 2-chlorotrityl resins

  • D-2485: H-D-Cys(4-methoxytrityl)-2-chlorotrityl-® (200-400 mesh) (H-D-Cys(Mmt)-2-ClTrt-® (200-400 mesh)) NEW PRICE
  • D-2675: H-D-Pro-2-chlorotrityl-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-2665: H-Ser(tBu)-2-chlorotrityl-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-2470: D-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydroisoquinoline-3-carboxylic acid-2-chlorotrityl-® (200-400 mesh) (H-D-Tic-2-chlorotrityl-® (200-400 mesh))

Preloaded PAM resins

  • D-1670: Boc-Asp(PAM-®)-OFm (200-400 mesh)
  • D-2145: Boc-D-Ile-PAM-® (200-400 mesh) NEW PRICE
  • D-1590: Boc-D-Leu-PAM-® (200-400 mesh) NEW PRICE
  • D-2075: Boc-Trp(For)-PAM-® (100-200 mesh)
  • D-1575: Boc-D-Val-PAM-® (200-400 mesh) NEW PRICE

Preloaded Merrifield resins

  • D-1465: Boc-Arg(Tos)-® (200-400 mesh)
  • D-1500: Boc-Asp(OcHex)-® (200-400 mesh) NEW PRICE
  • D-1755: Boc-2-Nal-® (200-400 mesh)

The prices of a number of our resin derivatives have been heavily discounted recently. Please see our special offers page for details. For our complete offer of resins and preloaded resins for peptide synthesis and modification please contact us or visit our online shop.

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