Embleema, Gustave Roussy to develop blockchain-based applications for cancer research

5th March 2019 (Last Updated March 11th, 2019 11:51)

Embleema has partnered with Gustave Roussy Institut to develop blockchain-based health data sharing applications to accelerate cancer research.

By deploying its technology, Embleema will develop new standards for real-world oncology studies at Gustave Roussy Institut.

Embleema brings its technological solutions to enable the secure exchange of health data and will allow patients to consolidate their data on a single repository.

Through blockchain technology, each patient will be able to exercise full data sovereignty.

Furthermore, the technology provides researchers and pharmaceutical companies with an authenticated supply chain of regulatory-grade data for assessing the safety and efficacy of new investigational drugs.

Gustave Roussy Institut general director Alexander Eggermont said: “Our partnership with Embleema will define a new ethical model in drug development, so individual healthcare data may be used to further clinical research, in a transparent manner that fully respects patient rights.

“Blockchain technology allows real world data to finally be able to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of treatments, and deliver new treatments to patients faster.”

Embleema launched healthcare blockchain platform PatientTruth that stores and distributes electronic medical records and allows patients to assemble their own medical history.

It is also developing a decentralised platform for data sharing in clinical research.

A patient can cancel, modify access, or control the destination and use of their data anytime using the blockchain technology.

Through the strategic partnership, Embleema and Gustave Roussy Institut will integrate health data, and consolidate onto a real world evidence data exchange enabling the cancer centre patients to access and control their data.

Embleema CEO Robert Chu said: “By streamlining the collection and sharing of clinical information, while ensuring patient consent, Embleema aims to accelerate the development of new drugs and improve the real-world data collection of existing marketed drugs.”