GlobalData’s latest White Paper provides an assessment of the clinical trials landscape during the last five years (2010-2014), with a focus on oncology clinical trials. The data for the analyses are derived from the Clinical Trials Database of GlobalData’s Pharma eTrack platform. Considering the large volume of clinical trials that were conducted during this time period (over 70,000), the information provided in this White Paper is expected to help readers gain insight into the trends in the trial locations at the country level, as well as the success rate for the clinical trials.
There were over 70,000 clinical trials recorded across all diseases, phases, and statuses, based on the trials with start dates between January 2010 and December 2014. Oncology had the largest number of trial, followed by Central Nervous System (CNS), at second place.

Oncology as a therapeutic area is currently a huge focus for the industry, and this detailed whitepaper explore the key trends within this sector – looking at trials by phase, geography and sponsor type, to allow readers to fully understand the direction of this fast-paced industry.

The whitepaper can be read in full, for free, on GlobalData’s storefront here.