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14 June 2019
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Defence forum on LinkedIn

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NRI digital has launched a LinkedIn group to unite professionals involved in the defence and aerospace industry for the opportunity to network and discuss today's most important technologies and issues. Click here if you have a story to tell, a topic to discuss or just want to build contacts.

White Papers

Unpicking the Complexity of Importer of Record Processes in Globalised Clinical Supply Chains
The number of countries serving as clinical study locations outside of the United States has more than doubled in the space of ten years.

The Perfect Remedy for Clinical Trial Distribution
Over the past decade, the distribution of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) has become a complex part of the supply chain for companies involved in new drug development. 

Building The Industry’s Most Advanced Modeling Engine
For the past ten years, the industry has seen an increased demand to determine fair market value of CRO and other clinical trial service providers.

Clinical Trials: Enrollment Trends in Emerging Markets – Russia
Scotty Chung-Siu, Brooke Wilson & Revati Tatake, GlobalData, examine developments in the Russian clinical trial space

Clinical Trials: Enrollment Trends in Emerging Markets – Brazil
In an exclusive white paper, Brooke Wilson, Revati Tatake & Bonnie Bain, GlobalData, assess the clinical trial landscape in Brazil

Press Releases

Almac Group Announces Almac One™: A Unified Clinical Trial Supply Solution
Almac Group has announced the Almac One™, providing the first unified Clinical Trial Supply solution.

Clinical Maestro adds eProcurement and CRO Edition to Clinical Trial Business Software Suite
Strategikon Pharma has announced the commercial release of its Pharma (Sponsor) Edition SOURCE™ module for automating key processes in clinical outsourcing, as well as its Provider (CRO) Edition CORE™ and LINK™ modules for digital bid costing and third-party sourcing.

Forty-three Countries Across Five Continents – A Global Pharmacovigilance Company

IntuVigilance win major Pharma Industry Award

Product Selection
There are several forces pushing healthcare professionals to provide patients with personalized medicine, in which treatments are tailored to suit the needs of individual patients.


Hoth Therapeutics to begin production of BioLexa for upcoming clinical trials
Hoth Therapeutics has announced the formation of its subsidiary, Hoth Therapeutics Australia, in preparation for upcoming clinical studies.

Clinical trials landscape for type 2 diabetes analysed
An analysis of the number of type 2 diabetes clinical trials with a start date of between 1 January and 31 December 2018.

Ulcerative colitis clinical trials analysed over the last five years
An analysis of ulcerative colitis clinical trials as reported by the GlobalData Clinical Trials database.

Elligo Health unveils new clinical trials technology
Elligo Health Research has unveiled new IntElligo Research Stack clinical technology designed to be used as an eSource documentation tool at the company’s study sites.

Governments are playing a bigger role in cell and gene therapy manufacturing
Currently, the UK accounts for 16% of global cell therapy manufacturing facilities, according to GlobalData’s Contract Service Provider Database.

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