Clinical Trials Yearbook 2018

2nd August 2018 (Last Updated August 15th, 2018 11:07)

Looking back on 2017, there were a number of significant developments that continue to affect how clinical trials are conducted. Each development was symbolic of how the industry is changing with the times. As sponsors and vendors continue to adapt, 2018 looms ever larger, bringing with it even greater challenges. As such, the Clinical Trials Yearbook 2018 seeks to be your definitive guide in these testing times.

The Fifth Edition, unlike previous years, will provide both a retrospective take on 2017 while looking forward to the challenges that await in 2018 and beyond. To follow suit, the Yearbook has been condensed into two sections: the 2017 Lookback and the 2018 Outlook.

As always, the Yearbook has drawn on insights from the brightest minds the industry has to offer. So as you sit down to read this edition, we hope that by learning from the challenges of the year before, you can prepare for the year ahead. Enjoy!