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Adam Zamecnik is a healthcare reporter for Pharmaceutical Technology. He has covered diverse topics such as continuous drug manufacturing, genomic research and sexual health. He is particularly interested in new technologies, health inequality, and cell and gene therapy research.

CTO Europe 2023: A snapshot of challenges and opportunities in oncology

Discussions at the 10th CTO Europe conference reflected old and new challenges that add pressure on companies running oncology trials.

CTO Europe 2023: Fostering diverse oncology trials remains a challenge

Experts at the clinical conference continued to explore ways to improve representation in clinical trials and the regulatory push behind it.

CTO Europe 2023: Reflections on drug development through the phases

Closing the first day of the CTO Europe conference, a global CRO shares insights on the drug development lifecycle in oncology.

CTO Europe 2023: Cancer clinical trials shift as sector goes digital

Opening the first day of the CTO Europe conference, experts set their sights on the impact of digital technologies on oncology trials.

UK rejoins EU’s Horizon Europe science programme

The country returns to the EU’s research programme after a Brexit-related absence and questions surrounding its re-entry prospects.

Halia plans two trials testing its anti-inflammatory lead candidate

The company plans to start two Phase II trials later this year, with a further Phase I trial planned for early 2024.

Regulatory roundup: Ascendis’ shot at further study in achondroplasia jumps

Secura Bio in peripheral T-cell lymphoma is also reviewed by GlobalData’s Investigative News team.

ASH hot topic: site selection key in reducing disparity in cancer trials

Using trial locations that represent a disease’s epidemiology can assuage recruitment hurdles and would better represent the drug’s potential real-world use.

Regulatory roundup: Xenon’s shot at further study in focal epilepsy leaps after positive Phase IIb

Aeglea’s pegzilarginase and Neurocrine in movement disorders are also reviewed by GlobalData’s Investigative News team.

Regulatory roundup: Veru’s likelihood of further study in vasomotor symptoms jumps after Phase II completion

SAB Therapeutics in influenza A and Ocular Therapeutix in keratoconjunctivitis sicca is also reviewed by GlobalData’s Investigative News team.