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Scientific Animations and Interactive Graphics for Drug Developers
Manufacturing and Packaging of Clinical Trial Medication
Customised Services for the Clinical Development of New Drug Substances and Drug Products
Data Management
Pre-Clinical, Regulatory and Phase I/III Contract Clinical Research Services
Cell-Based In Vitro Models, ADME-Tox Services and Cell-Based Assay Kits
High-Quality Polyclonal and Monoclonal Antibody Services
Life-Sciences Contract Research Organization
Analytical Services
Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization
Analysis and Interpretation of Life Science Data
Digital Pen and Paper Technology
Bioactive Molecules Discovery and Development Solutions
Global Experts in Event Conception and Delivery
Biopharmaceuticals, Contract Research and Process Development
Contract Research Organization
Monitoring Equipment for Mice and Rat Ultrasonic Vocalisations
Raman Spectroscopy for Laboratory Analysis and Process Applications
GMP Custom Peptide Synthesis and Custom Peptide Manufacturing
Biotechnology and Nanotechnology Product Development, Strategic Consultancy and Project Management
Preclinical Animal Services
Real-Time PCR Data Analysis Software and Services
Targeted Proteomics Research Services and Tools
Pre-Clinical CRO for Mucosal Injury (Mucositis), Cancer and Inflammation Studies
Disease Models, Biomarkers, Recombinant Proteins and Formulation Services
Clinical Quality Assurance Audits and Regulatory Compliance Services for Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Biomarkers as Diagnostic Tests: Assessment, Product Development and Marketing
Biotechnology CRO and Biomarker Solutions Provider
Contract Manufacturing Of Biopharmaceuticals
Contract Development and Large-Scale Manufacturing of Biopharmaceuticals
Antibodies, Proteins, ELISA Kits, Small Molecules, Cells and Human Biological Materials
Peptide Synthesis Service, Peptide Arrays and Protein Sequencing Services
Management Consulting for Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Companies
Standardized Tools for Cellular Immune Assays
Medication Testing Solutions for Drug Development
Clinical Image Management
Enrollment and Site Performance Optimization for Clinical Trials
Addressing the Key Challenges in the Global Clinical Trial Space
Customised Clinical Supply and Biological Sample Services
Contract Formulation Development and Clinical Trial Manufacturing Services for Oral Solid Dosage Forms
Secure Biological Sample Storage
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Drug Industry
Manufacturer and Supplier of Customer-Defined Oligonucleotides
Nutraceuticals for the Prevention of Chronic Disease
GMP Custom API and Dosage Form Services for Clinical Needs
Clinical Trial Comparator Supplies
Synthetic Hydrogel-Based Tools for Cell-Based Assays
Drug Delivery Development for Advanced Oral Formulations
Custom Synthesis, Asymmetric Chemistry and Co-Crystallisation
Contract Research Organization
Integrated Data Management Solutions for Clinical Operations
Software, Consulting and Workshops for Data Analysis and Model-Based Decision Support
Clinical Endpoints Adjudication Management Software for Clinical Trials
Nonclinical Drug Development Services and Toxicology Consultancy
Nutraceutical Ingredients for Dietary Supplement Development
Enzymes, Kits and Reagents for Analysis of Glycosylation Patterns
Contract Manufacturing Organisation and Pharmaceutical Supply Services
Clinical Data Analysis and Modelling
GMP and Quality Systems Consultancy and Training
Regulatory Affairs and Generic Drug Development Services
Genomic and Bioinformatic Data Analysis Services
Packaging & Distribution Services
Immunoassay Development and Bioconjugation
Real-Time PCR and Pharmacogenomic Test Development
Exploratory Drug Development of NCEs / NBEs
Cloud-Based Off-the-Shelf Clinical Metadata Repository and Clinical Trial Automation Software Platform
pAVEway™: A Novel Platform for the Advanced Production of Protein Therapeutics
Diagnostic Assay Development Services
Benchtop Tablet Manufacture Instruments, Research Analysers, and Formulation Training for Drug Development
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Contract Research Organization
Applied Clinical Pharmacogenomic Services
Marine Glycobiology Products
Contract Laboratory for Hemocompatibility and Biomarker Detection
Translatable Mitochondria Testing for Drug Safety and Efficacy
Drug Processing Technology and Laboratory Equipment
Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research Experts
Comparator Sourcing Services
Mode-of-Action Cellular Analysis Using Multi-parameter Flow Cytometry
Biotechnology Custom Antibody and Transgenic Services
Custom Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development
Immunology Services for Drug Development
Clinical Trial Services
Healthcare Market Reports and Analysis
Packaging & Labeling
Advanced Nanotechnological Solutions for Drug Development
Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety
Cardiovascular Efficacy and Safety Assessment in New Chemical Entities
Real-Time Data Services for Clinical Research Results
Healthcare Regulatory Affairs Consultants
SaaS Platform Decentralizing Clinical Research at Scale
Pharmaceutical Contract Development, Manufacturing, Packaging and Distribution
Life Sciences Artificial Intelligence Platform for Tracking Clinical Trials
Freelance Clinical Trial Consultants
Freelance Medical Device Consultants
Functional Service Provider
Reusable Containers for Transportation of Temperature-Controlled Mediscience Products
Food Supplements and Natural Products Manufacturing
Nanofibre and Nanoparticle Production Systems
Comprehensive Clinical Trial Support Services
Specialised Proteomic Target and Biomarker R&D Services for Membrane Proteins and Antibodies
Contract Manufacturing of Tablets, Film Tablets, Sugar-Coated Tablets and Liquids
Transdermal Therapeutic Systems and Oral Thin Films
Legal and Regulatory Consultation for Clinical Trials
Biopharmaceutical and Drug Development
Remote-Controlled Magnetic Capsule and Magnetic Monitoring System for Human Drug Absorption Studies
Regulatory Affairs Consulting for the Healthcare Industry
Research and Development Services for Clinical Studies and Regulatory Affairs
Cold Chain Routine and Non-Routine Material Testing
Analytical Laboratory Instrumentation for Drug Development
Comparator Drugs and EU Open Market Solutions for Clinical Trials
Contract Research and Preclinical Services for Dermatology
Online Pharmaceutical Analysis Training
Vaccine Clinical Development and Immunology Services
Protein Biomarkers – Discovery, Assay Development and Testing
Pharmaceutical Translations from English into Balkan Languages
Preclinical Development Services for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Contract Research Organisation for Clinical Trials
Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Product Development
Contract Research Organisation for Clinical Trials
Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Event
Global Real Time Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for Clinical trials
Clinical Trial Support Services
South African Contract Research Organisation for Clinical Research
Electronic Data Capture Solutions for Clinical Trials
Clean Room Products, Fumigation Chambers and Decontamination Showers
Clinical Trial Supply Services
Peptide Research Tools
Peptide Synthesis and Antibody Production
Injectable and HPLE Carbohydrates for Protein Stabilisation and Optimisation
Monthly Digital Magazine for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Consultant and FDA Regulatory Strategist
Clinical Trials Services
Research Models to Evaluate Drug Candidate Efficacy
Tailored Research and Services for Drug Development
Mass Spectrometry Services for Material Characterisation
Digital Solutions for Medical Adherence and Patient Retention
Preclinical CRO Services
Integrated Contract Pharmaceutical Development, Clinical Services and Commercial Manufacturing
Preclinical Contract Research Organisation
Quality Control Testing for the Life Sciences Industry
Drug Delivery Systems and Clinical Development Services
Bioinformatics Software Development
Collecting, Analyzing and Reporting Clinical and Safety Data for Clinical and Post-Market Studies
Bespoke, Cost-Effective Preclinical Cancer Model Searches for Preclinical Studies
Translation Services for Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Companies
CTMS Vendor for Complex Clinical Trials
Biopharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment and Integrated Bioprocess Services
Full Range CRO for Target Discovery, Screening, Lead Optimisation, Preclinical and Clinical Services
Contract Development Services and Drug Delivery Systems
Salt, Polymorph and Co-Crystallisation Screening, Crystallisation Development, and Synthetic Chemistry
AI Drug Discovery and Development Company
Assays for ADME and Pharmacokinetics, and Toxicological Research for Drug Discovery and Development
Hot Melt Extruders
Analysis Budgeting, Forecasting, and Outsourcing Solutions for Clinical Trials
Customized Project Management and Leadership Development Courses
ZUMEDU Secure Peer-to-Peer Video Conference Solutions for Clinical Researchers
Medicinal Chemistry, Array / Focused Library and Computational Chemistry Services
Software Solutions for Clinical Trial and Medical Research Project Management
Custom Synthesis and Contract Research and Development
Contract Research Organization
Automation Systems for Small-Molecule Drug and API Development
Pharmaceutical QA Consultants
Clinical Biomarker Services
Temperature Maintenance & Monitoring
High-Quality Human Tissues and Biological Materials
Molecular Biology, Recombinant Expression and Protein Purification, and Cell Line Development
Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries Regulatory and Management Consulting Services
Patient-Centric Services for In-Home or Alternate-Site Clinical Trials Settings
Cloud-Based Software Solutions for the Life Sciences Industry
Next-Generation RNA Sequencing and Gene Regulation Analysis
Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Conference
EClinical Systems for Clinical Trials
Specialist Clinical Services
Bioanalytical and Cell-Based Services for Clinical Trials
E. coli Protein Expression Systems
Mutagenicity Assays and Cytotoxicity Screening Kits
Reagents, Consumables and Research for Molecular and Cell Biology