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Managing aggressive timelines for clinical trials on a global scale

Sourcing clinical trial products and distributing them in accordance with strict timelines and country-specific regulations can make or break a trial’s success. And with more clinical trials taking place across several countries and within hard-to-reach regions, managing these requirements presents a range of complications for trial sponsors. In this article, Tanner Pharma Group provides insights on clinical trial sourcing and supply and shares their approach to meeting aggressive timelines.

Overcoming challenges with scalability in biopharma manufacturing

Production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) therapies has traditionally been expensive and complicated. Scaling up from discovery to lab scale and then to commercial manufacturing can be streamlined by using a consistent approach. We speak to Dr Hani El-Sabbahy, Advanced Application Engineering Specialist from 3M, to understand more about overcoming problems with scalability and reliability of clarification solutions.

The rise of generics: market growth and global access

The global generic drugs market is projected to be worth $384.4bn within the next five years, according to GlobalData. We take a look at some factors driving this growth, and what it means for both patients and drug manufacturers.

Managing drug shortages: Getting medicines to patients in need

Patients around the world are experiencing drug shortages, with production still recovering from the disruption caused by Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, and rising energy costs. Tanner Pharma is tackling these issues head-on, managing disruptions and ensuring that a range of treatments reach patients wherever they are.

A guide to managing hazardous waterborne bacteria outbreaks

It is impossible to completely eradicate biofilm from any water system, meaning that an outbreak of hazardous bacteria can happen at any time. In a healthcare facility, it is essential to keep water running and protect the safety of patients and staff. We learn how a good water management plan and expert advice can help healthcare facilities overcome the roadblocks to promptly restoring a safe water supply.

Enabling access continuity of medical treatments for patients

There are different instances where patients may experience interruptions in treatment access, entirely lose access they once had, or completely lack access to a commercialized medicine that just isn’t available where they live. The common denominator being that all factors are almost always beyond the patient’s control. Finding ways to mitigate and overcome these challenges in access is vital for patients’ long-term health and can make a life-saving difference. We speak to experts at Tanner Pharma to learn more about the issues with access and how to overcome them.

Overcoming challenges with medical product classification in Latin America

Classification of medical products can vary greatly from one country to another, especially in Latin America. To sell products in specific markets, product owners must understand where any differences lie in how they are categorized. We speak to Tanner’s LAC division to learn more about navigating these market complexities.

The pharma companies working towards supply chain sustainability

The pharma supply chain is taking great efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and improve long-term sustainability. We take a look at some of the measures deployed to reduce the carbon footprint in the supply of PPE and lateral flow tests.

Overcoming procurement and supply chain challenges in clinical trials

The global pandemic has had a significant impact on clinical trials, forcing operators to alter their processes. Tanner Pharma’s Clinical Trial Services (TannerCTS) division has been working to overcome challenges with procurement and ensure supply continuity, while looking to the future by embracing technological innovations. To discover more, we talk to Georg Schulz, Executive Vice President of Clinical Services at Tanner Pharma Group.

Solving problems with harvest clarification using fibre-based chromatography

Bottlenecks in harvest clarification caused by intensified upstream processes create challenges in the production of monoclonal antibody (mAb) therapeutics. However, new technologies are enabling an increased yield while reducing the number of steps and resources required in biopharma production. We speak to 3M’s Dr Hani El-Sabbahy to learn more.