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Alvaro Arjona

Alvaro Arjona is Editor-in-Chief at GlobalData Media, with extensive experience in leading editorial teams covering Pharma & Healthcare. Former Editorial Director of Thomson Reuters Drug News, Alvaro started his career making significant contributions to the field of Immunology at Yale School of Medicine. He has also led scientific communications at UCB Pharma and developed data-driven clinical intelligence products at Informa Pharma Intelligence.

Two long years of Covid-19 pandemic: lasting questions for pharma and healthcare

Editorial: Clinical Trials Arena provides an outlook on what to expect from emerging pharma and medical paradigms as the world transitions to an endemic Covid-19 state.

Deconstructing the decentralised clinical trial continuum: who is doing what?

Editorial: A remote revolution is transforming how clinical research is devised – but ambiguity in decentralisation approaches can curb adoption.