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Andrew Hillman is a data journalist at GlobalData Media, specialising in healthcare and pharmaceutical coverage. He is a graduate of Birmingham City University's data journalism program and previously worked as an analyst and modeller in the emergency healthcare sector.

Andrew Hillman


Decentralised paediatric clinical trials trending up but study execution critical

DCT Adoption Tracker: Clinical Trials Arena investigates which paediatric disease spaces are using decentralisation the most and why.

Beyond clinical trial design: factors that impact decentralisation

DCT Adoption Tracker: Clear regulatory guidance, existing healthcare infrastructure, and local culture are key influencers for swift decentralisation uptake.

Women’s health clinical trials: breaking down barriers through decentralisation

Women tend to be harder to recruit for clinical trials due to socioeconomic factors. But decentralised study designs help ease barriers to participation.

The great wall: why overseas sponsors are yet to fully tap into China’s clinical trial resources

China is an attractive study destination, yet our data-driven analysis shows the country’s clinical trial industry is still insular. Clinical Trials Arena maps the barricades.

DCT Adoption Tracker: Top 3 clinical trial decentralisation trends in Q1 2022

Clinical Trials Arena updates its exclusive taxonomic review of decentralised clinical trials with a spotlight on notable shifts in the past quarter.

Covid-19 two years on: persistent symptoms of clinical trial disruption trouble certain therapy areas

In an exclusive analysis using GlobalData and data, Clinical Trials Arena reveals which therapeutic areas are recuperating and which are struggling to recover past levels of trial activity.

DCT Tracker: tracing industry’s adoption of decentralised clinical trials

A quarterly analysis that uncovers key trends and players in the clinical trial decentralisation arena. Last updated in January 2023.

Trial Activity Snapshot: Did Australia’s “zero-Covid” plan protect clinical trial activity?

In an exclusive, Clinical Trials Arena dives into Australia’s trial activity data to find out how the pandemic impacted the country’s trial action.

Filings buzz in pharma: 92% increase in internet of things mentions in Q2

Frequency of sentences related to the internet of things between July 2020 and June 2021 was 350% higher than in 2016.

2022 forecast: diabetes, cardiovascular, respiratory trial activity set to rebound

Trial activity is on course to recuperate in hypertension, respiratory tract infections next year.