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Healthtech innovation among clinical trial operations industry companies has dropped off in the last three months

Analysis of patent filings shows a shrinking level of healthtech related applications in the industry over the past three months, compared to last year

Europe is seeing a hiring jump in clinical trial operations industry digital media roles

Some parts of the world are investing more heavily in digital media roles than others

Internet of things hiring levels in the clinical trial operations industry – August 2022 update

The proportion of clinical trial operations companies hiring for IoT related positions kept relatively steady in August 2022.

Cloud roles hiring increases in Asia-Pacific clinical trials industry

The number of roles in Asia-Pacific made up 15.2% of total cloud jobs – up from 12.4% in the same quarter last year.

Data analytics hiring in the clinical trials industry fell to a year-low in August 2022

Data analytics job postings across all sectors rose in August 2022 from July 2022, representing 14% of newly posted job advertisements.

Filings buzz in pharmaceuticals: 47% increase in big data mentions since Q2 of 2021

We’ve analysed companies’ annual reports and other filings to see which key issues are receiving the most attention.