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Fi Forrest

How to develop a flexible packaging approach for introducing new drugs to market efficiently

According to packaging expert Alexander Schäfer, developing the ideal packaging strategy for your global drug launch involves analyzing market trends, understanding consumer expectations, and considering the benefits of partnering with a contract packaging organization (CPO).

How to ensure transparency in your clinical trial 

Good communication is vital for running a successful clinical trial, and ensuring the secondary packaging is both efficient and traceable is essential. Clinical Trials Arena sat down with experts from BAP Pharma to discuss how transparency is key when considering your clinical trial supply strategy.

Marketing pain management: targeting for success 

Part of a series on leading marketing pain points.
Marketing has seen some epic misfires in the last decade. What could possibly go wrong?

Three ways to improve participant engagement in your digital clinical trials

Participant drop-out in clinical trials affects data quality, can reduce a study’s power and can also introduce unwanted bias to your remaining results. How can you reduce drop-out, save time and resources, and maintain participant engagement throughout the entirety of your trial?

Develop and execute a winning drug launch strategy with an experienced contract packager

When it comes to selecting a contract packager it is critical that every aspect of their services meet the requirements of your product.

The power of joint procurement: Analysing cross-border initiatives in Benelux and the Nordics

Cross-border cooperation is growing stronger in Europe, with key clusters such as Benelux and the Nordics accelerating joint procurement agreements in order to improve medicine access and increase negotiating power.

Virtual clinical trials: How digital tech has improved clinical trial accrual rates

The use of digital technology, such as apps, wearables and eConsent, has revolutionised clinical trials and resulted in higher recruitment and retention rates.

Digital clinical trials: Trends to watch in 2023

The industry continued its uptake of digital clinical trials (DCTs) in 2022. What lies ahead for 2023?

The impact of climate change on the pharma supply chain

Climate change has the potential to cause major disruptions to the global pharma supply chain and tragic health impacts for the global population. Many in the pharma industry are making efforts to reduce emissions and implement more eco-friendly processes to ensure patients can continue to access their medicines efficiently and sustainably.

The Brazilian pharma market: Key information and what may change

Brazil has the largest pharmaceutical market in Latin America, and recent political changes have raised speculation about what other changes could be in store. We take a look at the country’s pharma market and explore what could be around the corner in terms of legislation.