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Three strategies to modernise clinical trial operations

Data that fully describes the patient experience with a new therapy along with analyses of that data is the product of a clinical trial. There are many processes involved in achieving this goal, all of which have increased significantly in complexity over the last ten years with both the number of procedures and the number of visits.

How Covid-19 has accelerated ‘digital health’ and the evolution of clinical trials

The monumental challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have forced the healthcare and life sciences industry to think creatively to develop the best, most efficient solutions, systems and processes to help clinical researchers deliver safe and effective treatments to the public faster.

Creating and implementing a clinical data pipeline strategy: Taming data chaos

Life science industries have been notoriously slow at adopting new technologies. Regulatory overhead is extremely high and biotech companies are reluctant to take on risk, so why should clinical trial strategies change?

Learning to handle disparate and complex data sources in clinical trials

In 2019, eClinical Solutions partnered with a research team at the Tufts University Center for the Study of Drug Development to attempt to quantify the increasing use of external data sources and systems among life science companies pursuing clinical trials.