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New RSV therapies may accelerate the emergence of resistant strains

Regularly monitoring RSV sequences will be critical to ensure that approved mAbs remain effective against circulating strains.

Cervical cancer trials decrease for 2022

Cervical cancer is largely caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) infection.

Breyanzi meets primary endpoint in pivotal trial for patients with R/R CLL

BMS is confident that Breyanzi monotherapy can be a one-time administered therapy for R/R CLL patients.

Cardiac arrest in the news headlines

There are currently 163 cardiac arrest clinical trials listed in GlobalData’s Pharma Intelligence Center.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Reduce Risk of Chronic Kidney Disease

Higher levels of total seafood omega-3 PUFA levels were associated with an 8% lower risk of developing CKD in a study.

BeiGene’s Brukinsa- a new player in the CLL/SLL market

CLL is an indolent B-cell malignancy and is the most common adult leukaemia in the US.

FDA accepts Intercept’s resubmitted NDA for obeticholic acid

According to GlobalData’s Pharmaceutical Intelligence Center, obeticholic acid currently has a 64% likelihood of FDA approval.

Major depressive disorder is strongly associated with multiple sclerosis

Studies have shown MDD can worsen multiple sclerosis symptoms, reduce quality of life, and accelerate death in patients.

Wegovy: the latest weight loss fad

Elon Musk has espoused Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy to his Twitter followers, with Kim Kardashian also rumoured to have used the drug.

2023 starts off with a surge in clinical trials tackling pain

Tris Pharma and Wex Pharmaceuticals are two of the companies with novel therapies for pain currently undergoing clinical trials.