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Are decentralised clinical trials actually patient-centric?

A lack of patient retention across DCTs demonstrates it has many disadvantages when compared to traditional clinical trials.

World Contraception Day – a day to create awareness of contraception

The contraceptive market has been dominated by IUDs and OCs for the past decade.

Promise for Relmada Therapeutics’s antidepressant REL-1017, but more data required

The antidepressant REL-1017 will still need to demonstrate efficacy in a placebo-controlled trial, following a previous Phase III trial.

The burden of hepatitis B and hepatitis C-related illnesses

Eliminating HBV and HCV by 2030 is an ambitious goal that requires coordinated efforts.

High global prevalence of HPV in sexually active men

Preventative measures against HPV consist of vaccination and condom use.

Could Gilead’s Trodelvy be the next TROP-2 therapy game-changer in NSCLC treatment?

According to GlobalData, global sales for Trodelvy are expected to reach nearly $3bn by 2029, driven by expansion into new indications such as NSCLC.

New evidence shows depression as a major risk for type 2 diabetes

Both diseases shared the same seven genetic loci, which led researchers to confirm that depression was a major risk for diabetes.

Forxiga flunks primary endpoint in DICTATE-AHF trial

GlobalData believes that this study could be of high clinical value to cardiologists looking to find an optimal treatment of choice for patients with acute HF.

Can steatosis-associated fibrosis estimator scores improve diagnosis of NAFLD/NASH?  

NAFLD, commonly referred to as a “silent” disease, can be difficult to diagnose early as patients rarely experience any symptoms in the earlier stages.

Fungal Disease Awareness Week: novel drugs essential to tackle antifungal resistance

Despite the rising number of cases, the initial detection of fungal diseases is often inadequate, leading to misdiagnoses or delayed diagnoses that can cost lives.