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Covid-19 drug studies could highlight speed, flexibility and reduced risk of virtual clinical trials

After announcing a partnership to assess the safety of potential Covid-19 drugs, TRHC and Regence bosses discuss the benefits offered by virtual clinical trials

A closer look at Regeneron and its efforts to provide the world with a Covid-19 treatment

Having grown into one of the biggest companies in the biotech sphere since its inception in 1988, Regeneron is now working to develop a Covid-19 treatment

FibroGen: The company attempting to treat pneumonia in Covid-19 patients

FibroGen recently announced enrolment of patients in a clinical study of its antibody drug pamrevlumab as a potential Covid-19 treatment

Moderna timeline: How the biotech firm has moved alongside pharma giants in Covid-19 vaccine race

Alongside Pfizer, Merck, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, Moderna was recently selected as a Covid-19 vaccine ‘finalist’ in the US

‘Social responsibility’ may be reason chloroquine trials are continuing despite setbacks

Hydroxychloroquine, a chloroquine drug, has temporarily been dropped from global WHO trials for Covid-19 treatments due to safety concerns