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Judith Oke

Judith Oke is an Editor for the Clinical Trial Arena Network, covering developments across the clinical trials landscape. With a background in Pharmacy, she has edited several peer-reviewed articles for publication in Journals like Elsevier, Springer, BMJ and Frontiers, including but not limited to key areas/topics like infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and obstetrics and gynaecology.

Signal: Fresh Tracks nears end of operations with plans for dissolution

Fresh Tracks is planning to seek approval for liquidation and dissolution from stakeholders pending a better offer.

Signal: Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy enters new borders

The Danish company’s blockbuster Wegovy arrives the UK after the US, Denmark, Norway and Germany amid struggles to meet increasing demands.

Signal: Apellis sheds staff weight plus R&D in a bid to restructure company

Apellis aims to attain long-term success and focus on star candidate Syfovre by trimming staff and cutting costs.

Signal: Porosome files comprehensive patent for therapies to treat cystic fibrosis and other health conditions

The biopharma company has filed a comprehensive patent to address cystic fibrosis and other ailments.

Signal: Tweets of the week focus on Eli Lilly’s most recent acquisitions

Eli Lilly is enlarging its drug pipeline with major acquisitions following second quarter financial statements.

Signal: Sensorion Raises $38.37m in Private Placement of Shares

Sensorion has received a private placement financing of $38.37m by its existing shareholders Invus and Sonnova Partners, and Redmile Group.

Patents signal: Patent authorities in China champion grants awarded to Pharma companies

Pharma companies were awarded more grants by patents authorities in China, delivering almost five times the grants in the US.

Deal focus: Fresh Tracks discloses its $8.25m buyout from Botanix

Fresh Tracks will sell its rights to forthcoming event-based milestones and profits on net sales of sofpironium bromide to Botanix SB.

Filings signal: ARCA’s Q2 2023 reports 

The Colorado-based biotech has released its quarterly financial statements for Q2 2023.

Patents signal: Chinese Academy of Sciences tops assignees for Q2 2023

Chinese Academy of Sciences took the lead in grants received over Q2 2023 with top therapy area being severe acute respiratory syndrome.