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Kezia Parkins is the lead editor for Medical Device Network and Medical Technology Magazine. She is an experienced healthcare writer and editor with special interests in MedTech, clinical trials, patient centricity and global health equality.

Kezia Parkins

Women’s health clinical trials: breaking down barriers through decentralisation

Women tend to be harder to recruit for clinical trials due to socioeconomic factors. But decentralised study designs help ease barriers to participation.

Revealed: the pharma companies best equipped with AI

Many untapped AI opportunities in clinical trials, considering companies mainly focus on drug discovery and repurposing.

2022 forecast: decentralised trials to reach new heights with 28% jump

eConsent and web-based questionnaires have largest growth, but telemedicine and mobile-based elements remain as pillars.

Roundtable: the future of AI in clinical research

We spoke to four leaders harnessing AI in clinical trials about its challenges and their vision for AI in the future.

Innovation Fund Denmark: attracting investment in clinical trials

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in high-risk, high-potential innovation to improve the lives of the Danish population.

Telling the story: art’s potential to boost trial diversity

Lifeology is harnessing the art of visual storytelling to help fight mistrust and misinformation in the age of the ‘infodemic.’

Trial endpoints: is it time to get selective on surrogates?

Health policy professor Dr Huseyin Naci discusses the risks of leaning too hard on surrogate endpoints in clinical research.

How ketamine trials are providing a blueprint for suicidal ideation research

NIMH’s Dr Elizabeth Ballard discusses how ketamine has laid the groundwork for a new paradigm of suicide research. 

Impressive early results for Vertex’s potentially curative stem cell diabetes therapy

A cure for Type 1 diabetes has come one step closer as Vertex reports 90-day results for its synthetic insulin cell therapy.

Remote communities of healthcare professionals are enabling DCTs

Hawthorne Effect’s Hero network is enabling continuous data capture in remote and hard to reach communities.