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Clinical Trials in the US Midwest: Looking Back

As OCT & CTS Midwest gets underway, CTA pays tribute to previous articles written by authors from the US Midwest

Expert Insights: Can FDA Approval of Cimzia for Psoriasis Secure UCB’s Position in the Immuno-dermatology Market?

Vikesh Devlia, MSc, Immunology Analyst, GlobalData, examines the implications of the FDA’s recent approval of UCB’s Cimzia drug

Industry Viewpoints: Finding the Right Partner

CTA’s Charlie Abrines talks to an industry professional about the challenges of selecting the right vendor partners

The Strive to Incorporate Machine Learning into Clinical Development

Jim Stolzenbach explores the value of machine learning in medical research and considers how to accelerate its usage

The Importance of Clear Communication in the World of Clinical Supplies

Tim Holmes, Biogen, stresses the need effective communication among all parties involved in the clinical supply chain

Late-Stage Customization in Clinical Supplies by Introducing Just in Time Labeling

Michael Stephenson & Ignacio Gomez-Arroyo Bernabeu, Janssen, examine the use of just in time labeling within the clinical supply chain

Innovation in Clinical Supply Management

Kathrin Machens, Principal Clinical Supply Manager, Bayer AG, outlines key drivers for improvement and innovation in the clinical supply chain

Industry Viewpoints: Implementing an Automated Receipt Process for Temperature-Monitored Shipments

Henk Dieteren, Senior Clinical Supply Manager, Grünenthal, speaks to CTA Editor Henry Kerali about monitoring temperature-sensitive shipments

How to Manage Comparator Sourcing for Global Trials: Single Sourcing vs. Decentralized Sourcing

Cristina Chang, OBI Pharma, examines comparator sourcing and supply chain elements that can effectively mitigate a trial sponsor’s risk

Announcing The Return of ‘Supply Chain Week’ on Clinical Trials Arena

Throughout this week, CTA will draw attention to the latest innovations taking shape within clinical trial supply