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The new technologies helping biopharmaceutical trailblazers accelerate progress from research to market

Getting new drugs out of the research phase, and into clinical studies and commercialization, is an odyssey in quality control, regulatory deftness and patient safety. This can be particularly cumbersome for emerging therapies like genomics and mRNA – but innovation is helping to break down barriers

Innovations Powering the Future of mRNA: What Biomanufacturers Need to Know

The advent of messenger RNA (mRNA) therapeutics has revolutionized modern medicines. New innovations in the mRNA technology continue to simplify drug production and improve its potency– biomanufacturers should take note

The hot new tech transforming pharmaceuticals: Modular Real-Time communication

Getting shipments from factories to end users on time and in top condition is a major priority for pharma firms. Putting the right technological infrastructure in place is vital – and this is exactly what Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication offers

Host-Cell Protein Analytics: History and Future Trends

The ability to detect host-cell proteins in bioprocessing streams is a vital tool in pharmaceutical firms’ product purification arsenal. But they need to ensure they deploy the technology correctly

How the pharma industry can benefit from using modular real-time technology

New advancements in cold chain monitoring are poised to revolutionise the pharmaceutical industry by enabling affordable supply chain transparency and quick response to critical incidents.