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Outsourcing trends in clinical trials: How one company is reimagining the FSP model

In the functional service provider model, a company can outsource specific functions of clinical research while retaining control and increasing efficiency. We spoke to KPS Life founder and chief executive David Kelly and chief operating officer George Sawicki to learn more.

Improving health equity in Europe’s small countries: How can we remove the barriers to access?

Ensuring equitable access to medicines is a key challenge for many governments, particularly those of smaller nations. Pharmaceutical Technology reviews the data and explores European initiatives to improve the situation.

Launching pharmaceuticals in the Nordics: Opportunities and challenges

The Nordics are a well-known powerhouse of pharmaceutical innovation and production. But what opportunities do the region’s own pharma markets offer industry players, and what do marketing authorisation holders need to know when bringing new medicines to these countries?

How a flexible FSP model fills the talent gap

The functional service provider model can reduce overheads for biopharmaceutical companies and give them the ability to acquire talent from a flexible, adaptable talent pool.

Navigating market access in Sweden

Pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals is changing in Sweden, with prices lower than average as a result of growing cost containment strategies. Here’s what you need to know.

Delivering the direct-to-patient promise: Are regulatory and tech challenges standing in the way?

While direct-to-patient distribution is a key component of decentralised trials and use continues to grow within protocol designs, many sponsors are encountering challenges around its implementation.

ESG in pharma: Meeting increasing requirements in the Nordic region

Nordic healthcare providers are leading the momentum in enhancing ESG considerations. We examine the regional developments that will provide a competitive edge to pharma manufacturers.

Why demand is rising for secure and climate-controlled gene therapy services

As the gene therapy industry grows, optimal packaging, labelling, and distribution solutions will help to ensure the just-in-time delivery of life-changing medicines to clinical trial participants.