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How to cut drug supply costs with seamless forecasting and IRT systems

Cut drug wastage, reduce risk, and optimise supply with advanced, integrated technologies designed to deliver increased visibility, flexibility and accuracy.

Medical affairs in a digital-first world: Benefits and challenges

From telehealth to decentralised trials, the entire healthcare industry has realised the true value of digitalisation in recent years. Medical affairs teams are no exception. Here, we discuss the benefits and challenges of engaging medical professionals on digital channels.

Tech innovations that curb complexity, setting clinical trials up for success

With trial complexity on the rise, studies leverage innovative technologies to help drive successful outcomes.

How to integrate IHC biomarkers for more effective clinical development in immuno-oncology

Free Whitepaper A new paradigm for patient recruitment Patient recruitment has always been a major challenge for clinical trial teams.…

eConsent adoption: Top three stumbling blocks holding sponsors back

No clinical study can take place without informed consent. But with studies becoming increasingly complex and often remote, it’s the right time to take that step forward to reimagine how the consent process is managed.

To insource or outsource drug commercialisation? Flexibility is the answer

Partnership models are becoming increasingly important when launching a drug. But when does it make sense to outsource, and when should you keep commercialisation inhouse?

Flow cytometry: advantages in immunotherapy clinical trials

Free Whitepaper Flow Cytometry in Immunotherapy Clinical Trials Due to its power, speed, and ability to provide a comprehensive view…

The rise of eConsent adoption: Why now is the time to leave paper-based consent behind

Clinical Trials Arena speaks to Suvoda’s Andrés Escallón on the advantages and barriers to eConsent adoption.

Orphan drugs and where to launch them: The keys to Europe’s forgotten territories

Although orphan drugs are developed to address the unmet medical needs of rare disease patients, traditional launch strategies have failed to deliver widespread access. But is there a lucrative yet underserved market and patient population hidden just outside of the EU-5?