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Irena Maragkou is a Healthcare Researcher for Clinical Trials Arena and Pharmaceutical Technology based in London, UK. Irena previously worked in consulting at Deloitte’s Strategy, M&A and Analytics Department, focusing on projects in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector. She holds an MSci degree in Neuroscience from UCL.

Irena Maragkou

Are restrictive LGBTQ+ bills in the US impacting inclusion in clinical trials?

More restrictive LGBTQ+ bills are being passed in the US that might negatively impact transgender individuals in clinical trials.

Should RCTs remain the gold standard?

While the clinical research industry is making major innovation strides, Clinical Trials Arena investigates if the standard trial design from the 20th century can keep up with it.

DCT Tracker: The most explored endpoints in decentralised clinical trials

Clinical Trials Arena updates its exclusive DCT Tracker with a new analysis of DCT trends as per endpoint classification.

A year of Russia’s war in Ukraine: who is winning the battle on clinical trials?

Despite clinical trials being heavily impacted in both Ukraine and Russia, each may face a different future for their clinical industry.

DCT Tracker update: decentralised clinical trials to reach new peak

Clinical Trials Arena updates its exclusive DCT tracker and projects record trial decentralisation uptake after a minor respite in 2022.

Year in review: Who were the main DCT players in 2022?

Clinical Trials Arena reviews the companies and countries that mentioned decentralisation most often in their clinical trial protocols

DCT Adoption Tracker: exploring trial decentralisation archetypes by therapy area

Clinical Trials Arena updates its exclusive DCT tracker and compares different decentralisation categories across disease areas.

Trial termination analysis unveils a silver lining for patient recruitment

Clinical Trials Arena dives into clinical trial termination rates, reasons, and disclosure trends in the past decade.

DCT Adoption Tracker reveals top therapy areas using a decentralisation approach

Clinical Trials Arena updates its exclusive decentralised clinical trial (DCT) tracker with a spotlight on adoption by therapy area.

Vitiligo: all eyes on further Phase III data for Incyte’s ruxolitinib at AAD

With the FDA calling for more data on the JAK inhibitor in vitiligo, Incyte’s presentation is one to look out for at this year’s AAD.