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Reynald Castañeda is the lead editor of Clinical Trials Arena. Reynald's coverage focuses on outsourcing, partnering, and supply chains. An experienced healthcare journalist, he was previously an associate editor for GlobalData’s Investigative News Team, writing scoops and feature news articles on drug development.

As Russia’s clinical trials sector falls, Ukraine rebuilds

We analyse the impact of the war on the clinical trial landscapes of Ukraine and Russia, as local investigators chronicle the situation on the ground.

Foreign direct investment in clinical trials revs up after pandemic hit the breaks

FDI clinical trial projects grew by 16% in 2021, with the sector attracting more projects than it did prior the Covid-19 pandemic.

Back to the future: the evolution of clinical conference topics in the past decade

With the 20th birthday of the renowned Clinical Trial Supply East Coast conference in October, we look at topic changes in the past decade.

Internet of Things: a tsunami of clinical trial data

IoT devices allow sponsors to access an unprecedented volume and variety of data, but are they equipped to ride the data wave?

Where’s the demand in human challenge clinical trials?

The Covid-19 pandemic put human challenge trials in the spotlight, drawing attention to this design’s possibilities in infectious disease studies.

Beyond biopsy: how noninvasive NASH tests can move the needle

There are a variety of noninvasive NASH tests currently available and under investigation—but how can they be optimised?

IRT in clinical trials: what to add to your shopping list

IRT systems can make or break a clinical trial. Experts have some advice for finding the right provider.

Overcoming obstacles in trans and nonbinary participation in clinical trials

The clinical trials sector can make small changes to make transgender, nonbinary individuals feel safe to join studies.

Should rheumatoid arthritis trials exclude patients based on their Covid-19 vaccine status?

There are 166 rheumatoid arthritis studies in the planning stage, with four ongoing or planned trials with criteria specifically noting a participant’s vaccination status.

Beyond clinical trial design: factors that impact decentralisation

DCT Adoption Tracker: Clear regulatory guidance, existing healthcare infrastructure, and local culture are key influencers for swift decentralisation uptake.