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Urtė Fultinavičiūtė is a healthcare reporter for Clinical Trials Arena. Urtė's coverage focuses on clinical data management and clinical strategy.

Urtė Fultinavičiūtė


Next on diversity: inclusion of participants with cognitive impairment in clinical trials

Clinical Trials Arena dives into a frequently forgotten aspect of clinical trial diversity: participation of people with cognitive disabilities.

Just announced: upcoming HIV late-stage clinical trials

Clinical Trials Arena examines recently announced Phase III studies in the HIV therapeutic landscape.

Boon and bane: dodging participant burden in decentralised clinical trials

As DCT adoption increases, sponsors and CROs must mind the risk of adding patient burden while designing decentralised trials.

Redx Pharma previews development plans for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and fibrostenotic Crohn’s disease

CMO Dr Jane Robertson shares a sneak peek into trial designs for assets in IPF and Crohn’s disease planned for 2023/2024.

ACT EU state of play: EMA’s headway to transform clinical trials

Clinical Trials Arena tracks the rollout of the EU’s new Clinical Trials Information System and the progress on other key initiatives.

Better pay for clinical trial participants: in conversation with Gunnar Esiason

Gunnar Esiason, a rare disease patient advocate, shares his views on compensating patients for their contribution to clinical development.

DCT Adoption Tracker: exploring trial decentralisation archetypes by therapy area

Clinical Trials Arena updates its exclusive DCT tracker and compares different decentralisation categories across disease areas.

Vergent Bioscience shares Phase IIb plans for oncology imaging agent

President and CEO Dr John Santini previews late-stage clinical development plans for VGT-309 in lung cancer surgery.

FDA’s multiple endpoints guidance: enough to tackle the growing trial complexity?

The FDA finalised a document describing common strategies for multiple endpoint analysis but lacking guidance for complex scenarios.

Trial termination analysis unveils a silver lining for patient recruitment

Clinical Trials Arena dives into clinical trial termination rates, reasons, and disclosure trends in the past decade.